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Inbound Marketing: From Good to Great

Remember the good old days when marketing had a clear definition? It was simple. Marketing meant broadcasting a product or service to consumers. Businesses did all the talking, and the company with the largest budget usually won. It could pay for the best advertising firm and buy the most ad spots. Think Don Draper. But […]

5 Tips to Turn Your Business Into An Educational Powerhouse

Many businesses don’t do a great job when it comes to educating their prospects on the true benefits of their products and services. Sure, they have a website, but they don’t take advantage of the opportunity to differentiate themselves by maintaining an active blog with valuable information for their target audience. Why Is Education So […]

Anatomy of a Blog Post: 11 Tips For Writing An Article

Your blog is probably the epicenter of your company’s content marketing program. You want to turn it into an educational hub and establish yourself as a thought leader. But building that thought leadership takes much more than just having great content. You need a strategy to attract your target audience to your blog and then […]

Round-Up of Content Marketing Articles From 2013

As we near the end of 2013, it’s time to take a look back at some of our content marketing articles from the past year. Have content requests for 2014? Contact us to suggest a topic. How Much Does Content Marketing Cost Your Business? Implementing a content marketing strategy is critical for any business that […]

Is Your Content Marketing Program Scaring Off Prospects?

With Halloween just around the corner and the new year quickly approaching, it’s a good time to revisit the effectiveness of your content marketing program. Does it scare away your prospects before you even have a chance to speak with them? Are they running into the arms of competitors who consistently create and share valuable content? […]

12 Article Ideas to Simplify Your Content Marketing Program

Many businesses aren’t necessarily worried about the ability to create content. They have anxiety when it comes to knowing or deciding what to write about. They have the knowledge, but they don’t know how to go about writing articles to share that knowledge. The hard part is coming up with the initial idea. In this […]