Why SEO Copywriting Isn’t Dead [In Under 300 Words]

SEO copywritingI read a lot of content marketing blogs. Probably too many, if that’s possible. Many of them have posted articles telling businesses they can stop worrying about SEO. Ignore it, they say. It’s no longer important. You only have to focus on your readers.

This sounds like an argument made by lazy content marketers. Of course your content has to be useful and valuable to your readers. That’s job one. It always has been—ever since Ben Franklin started publishing Poor Richard’s Almanack back in 1732.

But you can’t say SEO should RIP. It’s as important as it ever was—maybe even more so. With so many articles competing for attention and jockeying for position, getting in front of the right audience isn’t just about having quality content. There’s a lot of that. It’s also about using SEO copywriting best practices.

These days, thanks in large part to Google’s Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and [insert new animal here] algorithm updates, great SEO copywriting just means making it easier to find that high-quality content. And a lot goes into that, too. You can’t get good at SEO copywriting overnight, which may be why many of the new content marketing “experts” are telling their clients SEO doesn’t matter anymore.

It does. Quality content that is infused with great SEO copywriting is the recipe for attracting and connecting with your audience. Unless you have an authoritative domain, it can be the difference between getting lost in the crowd and being found by your next customer.

So let’s be more specific: bad SEO is dead, but good SEO is alive and thriving. Let’s be smarter about how we practice it and stop pretending it doesn’t make the Google gods happier.

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